Pressure Sensitive Labels


Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels are pre gummed labels available in roll form to used in a label applicator machine or applied by hand. These labels can be applied on all types of containers, bottles and even laminated pouches. Various embellishments such as spot coating, Hot foil, Embossing and thermo-reactive print are possible on these labels

  • Foil labels
  • No- look labels
  • Metallic labels
  • Color Changing labels
  • Double Side printed labels
Benefits of

Pressure Sensitive Labels

  • Highly decorative graphics are possible on these labels with multiple embellishments.
  • Clean finish of the applied labels on the bottle or jar. There are no excess gum leaking from poor application and the alignment of label to the bottle is straight on all the bottles.
  • No need to invest in complicated equipment to apply labels
  • No skilled operators needed to apply these labels and savings in man power costs involved in label application quality checks and correction
  • Numerous substrates options such as paper, plastic and clear films are available in these labels.


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